What Doctors Won’t Tell You About Your Blood Test


You know what’s wrong with the primary care doctors nowadays? They will make you so sick until you will be shifted to heavy drugs and medication. When you go for the blood test and the primary care doctor tells you that you have a completely normal report and you need to keep that up. What they really mean is that they want you to be so sick that next time when you have irregular reports of your health, you need to be on medication. The private blood tests will give a deep understanding of your own body.

Today’s medical system is all about drugs. Unfortunately, we don’t have any such system where more monetary value is out on the prevention of diseases. Medicines rule because of the disease. We fall ill because of our lack of knowledge of basic health care. These things are so much connected with each other that if one falls ill, the other would be as well. If you want a basic blood test, you can search for a cheap blood test London which will provide some basic packages at affordable rates.

Nor the doctors take any initiative in explaining their patients regarding basic health care. You visit a doctor today, and you will be prescribed with tons of medicines for the symptoms.

The thing is, if we are taught about our health and order extensive labs which could catch underlying dysfunction early enough to prevent full-blown illness.

The importance of annual blood testing
The good clinic will perform its function in a good way. But how can you judge whether the clinic is good enough for you? Here’s a quick tip. When a member first visits, the clinician should need to spend at least 75 minutes in total with the patients. This way they have a pretty much better idea about your entire life.

They will then order many advanced blood tests as per your clinical history and then will spend another 60 minutes with members going through every little detail. Following the information, they will advise you as per the reports.

When you understand about your blood test results and how your body is performing internally, you can then make a good decision about your lifestyle. Every blood reports carry some vital information that your doctors may not be willing to tell you. Don’t worry! You now have the chance of knowing them all.

Look for any problems in your blood test reports
In order to check if you have any problems in your body, you need to do a routine checkup. If you have a normal CBC, cholesterol and blood chemistry, the doctor may not inform you about this. Sometimes, they prefer to send a copy to you without explaining anything at all. Even if you think that everything falls in the normal range and everything is okay with you, you must consult with your doctor regarding your reports. Ask them if they have seen any difference since you had your last test.

The difference in the result of opposite sex
If you have sat with your partner and thinking you both never matches up on certain nutritional values, it’s because the health report for opposite sex tend to vary. In a man, the average range of red blood cells in a complete blood count is between 5 million and 6 million cells per microliter, whereas in woman it is between 4 million and 5 million. Such a difference is supposed to happen. So don’t be surprised if your range is higher than your opposite sex.

Normal varies in report as per the age
When the report states normal to some individual, it doesn’t mean you will have the same range counted as being normal. When you go on for hemoglobin test, you will find that the normal range varies from person to person. In children, having 11 to 13 grams/deciliter (g/dl) of hemoglobin level is counted as normal but for men, it is about 14 to 17 g/dl considered as normal. However, this doesn’t mean that you have no standard range for test. If you have less than 100 milligrams/deciliter (mg/dl) of LDL cholesterol, you will be categorised under optimal range no matter what your age is. The age difference makes a huge impact in the blood count. Based on your gender and age, your doctor will decide if you are the next victim for heart disease.

The private blood test in London is a useful tool which helps you in understanding the health of your liver, cardiovascular risk, checking for potential deficiency and many other conditions.

A positive result doesn’t always mean good news
Certain test result may show you positive but that doesn’t mean you have the disease. When you put yourself on test, what the scanner scans for is the marker of the disease. If it finds any type of molecular markers in your blood sample, this means you may have the disease or are the carrier of the infection. You still have enough time in your hand to eradicate the disease before it takes on a full blown disease. Some of the tests which might show up the marker in your test results are: the HIV test, the hepatitis C test, the BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene test, and sickle cell anemia test.

Negative test result means good news?

When you see negative on your test report, it doesn’t mean anything bad has happened. In cases for test reports, negative means good news. It means that nothing is found in your blood sample that brings out any type of disease.